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Autumn - Proudly Uncertified

Figs and apples grown in Southend for Pear & Potato fruit and veg boxes
Autumn Fruits

It's here! The gorgeousness of autumn and all of the harvesty abundance that it brings.

There is nothing like scrumping and sharing, finding and foraging to make you feel closer to nature. No packaging, perfectly seasonal, truly tasty and as close to primal eating as we can get.

This week I have been given a heap of Bramleys from a local garden and a local school gardening club have sold me green figs from their school garden, to raise money for their gardening plans. WOW. This is the food to be celebrated. This is a harvest worthy of a festival.

It's also a perfect summing up of why I can't bring myself to take Pear & Potato down the 'organic' route. Pesticides are bad for our bodies and the environment. That's very true and they should be avoided. But to sell products that are legally and technically 'organic' means very limiting hoops and certificates. Despite no chemicals, you can not call wild food, allotment grown food, food from gardens and hedges, food grown by local people for consumption, food from countries that don't have an organic policy, ORGANIC. If it says organic on the label, it means it's come from a farm that has had the time, money and profit motivation to jump through those hoops.

The organic movement is great. No doubt. But by completely limiting ourselves to foods that have a certified and rubber stamped, we can loose sight of all that truly beautiful organic growth all around us.

So I suggest we use those organic labels as a great guide, but keep our eyes open for those blackberry jewels in the hedgerows too.

We'd love to welcome you into our beautifully uncertified vegcentric box service. Visit our website or give us a call for a chat.

Clair @Pear&Potato x

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