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Celebrating Local Business


e know that every time we spend money, it's a vote for the world we want to live in. And I am pleased to see more and more opportunities for us to make decisions to keep money within our communities and local economies; it seems to be part of the extensive education that we're all getting from this pandemic.

And here at Pear & Potato we are no different. As a local business (yes, it's true we all really do have a little dance every time we get a new customer) we believe it's just as important as a business to use that resource to flag and embrace other local initiatives. 

So we are so delighted to be showcasing some of our favourite local businesses as gifts to our customers when they reach milestone box deliveries.

What a total and utter joy. 

This week we are launching our 10th Box Thank You Gift.

Southend-based company Bean & Boy was founded by Stacey when she struggled to find gentle soap for her daughter's eczema. They produce stunning soaps, made using traditional methods with natural, vegan ingredients, they smell breathtakingly good and are beautifully packaged. We are chuffed to be including a British Cucumber & Mint soap to introduce you to Bean&Boy. Do let us know what you think.   

(And we absolutely know that we are lucky enough to have a whole gorgeous flock of customers who have been with us for more than 10 boxes, so you will also receive one this week, too, of course.)

Enjoy and do check out Bean&Boy for stunning soaps and eco-gifts all made here in Southend.

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