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Forget the Farmers' Market?

We love Farmers Markets. They are a great way to buy local, seasonal and artisan goodies. They give us that warm fuzzy feeling that we're doing the right thing. Smiling people selling local stuff with no plastic.

That is of course when you remember it's on, nothing else comes up, you remember to get cash out, the kids don't go crazy, and you can find somewhere to park!

Pear & Potato would love to help you get that warm and fuzzy feeling every week.

We deliver fruit and vegetables to your doorstep, with minimal packaging and maximum taste. We try and include as much local and seasonal produce as we can. But include bananas, and other kitchen essentials we know you need.

Supported with our weekly recipe cards and online community, we'd love you to join the vegcentric revolution.

And if you don't want to jump straight into a monthly subscription, we are offering

Four Week Pear&Potato Taster Packages

Which includes four box deliveries to your door with recipe cards.

Give us a try in November and see if you like us. (We think you will.)

To join Pear & Potato, visit our website or give us a call for a chat.

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