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Gift Baskets are a Gift!

During the development of Pear & Potato weekly boxes, someone lovely (yes Steph, you know that's you) told me all about compostable cellophane wrap and from then on it seemed a no-brainer to try and single handedly bring back Fruity Gift Baskets. Naturally.

Like your mum's hair they were big in the 80s. And now we have compostable cellophane wrap there is no reason that fruity gift baskets, or indeed fruit and vegetable gift baskets can't make an eco-unusual gift for someone on their birthday, or as a gesture of thanks or sympathy.

I undertook a small period of testing over Mothers Day, and do you know what? it was a great experience. An absolute gift. The door stop responses were fantastic and kept me high for a whole week. I am super excited to be making fruit gift baskets, as an alternative to flowers it makes a fabulous and unusual gift. I love featuring British fruit as well as tropical faves, but we can do them to order. Have a friend that loves broccoli? We can do a box of broccoli 🥦 ♥️

Handwritten gift cards and delivered throughout Southend, Leigh, Chalkwell & Westcliff 🚛 x

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