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Here we go a-wassailing

Hanging toast on trees to encourage birds, is part of the tradition of Wassailing, undertaken early in the year in rural communities, along with singing and pan clattering, to wake up and cleanse orchard trees, thus encouraging a bountiful harvest in the coming year.

And just as subscribing to a veg box or joining a gym doesn't ensure end results; popping toast on branches gets us thinking positively and ups our chances of getting the results we're after, whether it's healthier eating, bikini body or bushels of apples.

So if you're thinking about committing to improving your fruit & vegetable intake, lowering your single use plastic consumption, supporting local businesses or lowering your carbon footprint, we'd love you to have a think about joining Pear&Potato.

Visit our website and use our £10 offer code for a Four Week Introductory Offer or drop us a line for more information.

Also, the St Laurence Orchard Wassail on 19th January is open to all, so if you'd like to come and wake up Southend's apple trees, join us and bring your own pan, trumpet or toast!

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