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Porridge in a slow cooker. Who knew?

Porridge, with grated apple and cinnamon. In my slow cooker.

Nothing clever. NOT steel cut organic oats served in a hand-glazed breakfast buddha bowl with an array of fresh fruits, slow roasted seeds and cold-pressed date syrup. Nope.

There may have been similarities, and that's certainly how I'd have marketed it a year ago. But when things feel bleak, it's good to get comfort, familiarity and even nostalgia. So this time it was porridge and tea. And it felt good.

It's also a stark reminder for me of the various roles that food play in our lives. An indulgent, even theatrical, role during celebrations. But at times like this, when things feel a bit bleak, returning to homecooked, wholesome food can be a calm, steady, comfort.

So if you need a little nudge to get you back to basics, what could be better than a box of fruit and veg landing on your doorstep?

This month SPUDS are in the spotlight. The humble spud. The unpackaged, unpolluted, local, splendid, SPUD.

Featuring a recipe from the amazing Dan Toombs' Curry Bible - MALAI KOFTA CURRY; we have our first instagram live, I'll be chatting to local chef Adam Porter about his favourite things to do with spuds; and we want to hear from YOU. What's your favourite thing to do with a potato ...?

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