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Love your Pumpkin!

There are many times of year that we enjoy and celebrate food, where delicious foods are the centre piece of an event, entwined in precious memories of celebrations in times gone past, some national, some religious, and some specific to our own families.

Usually we eat the food involved, but (La Tomatina aside) Halloween is a little different. Yes, we enjoy candy given by neighbours, but the central food - the pumpkin - isn't always eaten. I can only think that this is to do with us getting out of the habit of using pumpkins as food, and instead, buying them with the sole reason of carving.

And who wouldn't - it's great to carve pumpkins - being creative is such a great way to spend time. But in a time when we do think about food waste and do think about our food budget and do think about the environment, I think it's well worth bearing in mind that Pumpkins are an amazing food source!

And if you have ever grown your own pumpkins you too will know the time and love that goes into creating each one of these autumn goddesses.

12 Ways to Love Your Pumpkin
Download PDF • 1.82MB

NOT that i'm being a spoil sport of course... help is on hand here with our downloadable '12 Ways to Love Your Pumpkins' with some great ideas of things you can do with your pumpkins before and after carving.

I hope hope hope that this gives you one or two ideas to get you feeling ultra smug and joyful at making the most of your warming, nutritious, seasonal gifts!

Happy Halloween :)

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