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Not long to go.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

So it's nearly here. Pear & Potato will launch soon. I'm finding it hugely daunting setting up a business. Despite having some amazing people around me that have done just that, it's still a nerve-wracking thing, putting myself out there. Ready to be judged. Asking for people to have confidence in Pear & Potato.

But here we are, it's happening. It's been talked about, it's been obsessed about, and in April, it's coming. But what is IT?

Three years ago I was seriously challenged to eat five a day. Not in a 'tally-it-up-in-my-head-err-does-marmalade-count' kinda way, but in a no escaping black & white food journal kinda way. I was alarmed that even though I thought I was healthy, I rarely hit 4 let alone 5 a day. If I was serious, things would have to change. So I signed up for a vegetable box, which meant I had five-a-day delivered to my house, week in, week out, no escape. The delicious and slightly intimidating mountain of colour that appeared forced me to really think about what I ate and what I needed to swap OUT to shoehorn all that good stuff IN. Small changes and persistent new habits, have resulted in a veg-centric kitchen and, i'm pleased to say, FIVE A DAY!

Receiving a fruit & vegetable box every week has made such an enormous difference to us. And to be able to include more local, more seasonal produce, with less packaging is a real added bonus for the environment. But I do realise that as a confident cook, I find it easier than most to experiment with unfamiliar produce. Facing down a celeriac can be scary.

So, my aim is to deliver fruit and vegetable boxes in a not-scary way. Include what's wanted and what's needed, but also with a little seasonal leaning, a little interest through variety or provenance. AND all important recipe cards to help you to welcome new produce into your kitchen, or use old favourites in new ways.

Thank you for reading. I would love for you to sign up to hear about the launch and future offers from Pear & Potato.

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