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Pears & Potatoes

We are veg-centric, but we're not single policy.

Everyone and every family has different and ever-changing priorities, some of which can be emotive and drive passion and debate. And many of us, myself included, find ourselves in knots with these priorities even when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

What produce is best for our bodies? does organic matter for all produce? how bad is fruit sugar?

What is best for my pocket? can I really justify organic pomegranate seeds every morning?

What will my kids eat? I like pineapple, but they like bananas! Why won't they try new things?

What is best for the environment? Why does everything come in so much packaging?

What about the food miles? Is it really more efficient to drive tomatoes from Spain than generate the heat & light to grow them in the UK?

And what about the bees? Is exploitation of bees on avocado farms really a thing?

At Pear & Potato we aim to try and care about all these things to bring you your essentials, plus the best of the season whilst maximising taste and freshness. We aren't delivering a totally organic box, or a totally seasonal box, or a totally local box. We know and accept that whilst we'd love to commit to all these things, it's not realistic for our kitchen. So perhaps it's not realistic for your kitchen, either.

We think pears and potatoes illustrate this perfectly. They both grow well in the UK and they are tasty and versatile. They don't need packaging and they don't need pesticides. In my kitchen we do use bananas and sweet potatoes, but we swap them for british pears and british potatoes as much as we can, as this small change nudges down our food own airmiles, nudges down the packaging we use, and makes good nutritional sense. If you don't already, we would love you to join Pear & Potato and join us in making small changes together x

Pear and Potato

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