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Podding Peas & Purple Potatoes

It all started a few years ago when I decided to get our family in better health. I needed to loose the baby weight and we wanted to set a good example for the kids. I started a week's food journaling to see what I was really eating... and I realised something was wrong when I started wondering if baked beans and raisins counted towards my five a day. I knew something had to change and I had to make natural produce more central to our kitchen. We signed up for a veg box scheme and I will probably never forget the day that first veg box arrived. Beautiful, intimidating and exciting.

I put it on the table and after a breif moment of silence, all hands dived in, big hands and small hands were exploring, picking, enquiring. Whilst my children had of course seen plenty of these items before, it felt different having it all in one box, no packaging, tangible, colourful, sitting there, on the table.

And since then we've had exciting moments with our weekly box. Whilst I can't claim that my children are amazing eaters, they love being involved in the process, asking questions, enquiring, trying. Whether it's been podding our own peas, eating a giant mushroom the shape of a dinosaur, or trying purple mash potato. Exploring new ways of using familiar vegetables or trying a brand new fruit.

For me, being vegcentric - starting every meal thinking of vegetables - has become second nature.

For my kids, the fruit and vegetables have become exciting, without the packaging, ready to be handled and explored.

It's had great results on our health, on our food budget and on our creativity in the kitchen. And we hope that by cutting down on packaging, cutting down on food miles and pesticides, we are also reducing our own impact on the environment.

Having a fruit and veg box has had such an enormous impact on our lives. Exploring, being curious and excited by fruit and vegetables is something I feel proud to be doing for ourselves and our kids. And I am excited to spread this feeling.

Pear & Potato will be opening a limited number of monthly subscriptions this September. If you're interested in joining us, please link up with us on social media, join our mailing list and you will be the first to know when our subscription options go live x

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