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Squash & Feta Pie

If you haven't yet used a loose bottomed cake tin to make a pie, this is a game changer. There isn't much that is more pleasing than a homemade pie. Especially one that has a top AND a bottom. Especially one that stands up on it's own. Over the years I've tried stone ware, pie dishes, pyrex and pans. And whilst they yielded acceptable results, this tip has taken pie making to a new level.

I know, I know, who makes pies? Well, homemade pies are cheap, clean eating, that also act as a 'bit of a treat'. You can use leftovers, you can make them palatable or spicy, you can make them in advance, you can even freeze them. Pastry is relatively easy - especially if you have a food processor - but you can use ready made pastry if you don't feel confident.

This pastry is enough for either one large pie (22cm) which is enough for 6-8 servings, or two smaller 15cm pies. The beauty of smaller pies is that you can more easily accommodate a fussy eater. But it does of course depend on the loose bottomed tins you have available.

Your fillings can be wide and varied, with meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. I suggest cooking the ingredients first. And whilst it's good to have some sauce, be careful as too much sauce could result in a soggy bottom!


400g self raising flour, large pinch of salt

150g butter/margarine

1 egg, beaten

3-4 tbsps cold water

For the Filling

1 butternut squash, cubed and steamed until softened

1 packet of feta

3 large handfuls of steamed greens. Kale or spinach work well

herbs and seasoning

1) Lightly grease your cake tin(s)

2) Mix the butter, flour and salt in a food processer, or lightly with your fingers to make a breadcrumb texture

3) Mix in half of the beaten egg and slowly add in the cold water until the mixture starts to come together.

4) Tip onto a floured surface and separate into thirds. Take two thirds and roll out until it's big enough to line the cake tin, with a slight overhang.

5) Mix together your filling ingredients so that they are soft and well combined, and pop into the pie case.

6) Roll out the remaining pastry until it's big enough to cover the tin. Squash together the edges of the pie with a little of the beaten egg and trim to tidy. You can make this look pretty with a crimper or fork, or for a more rustic traditional look with your fingers.

7) Cut a small airhole in the centre and wash with the remaining egg.

8) At this stage you can pop it in the fridge for a day or so, and when you're ready to cook, it will take around 30minutes from chilled in a preheated 200C oven. Enjoy!!!

We would love to hear about your pie adventures, especially any fabulous vegcentric fillings!

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