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Testing Testing

I am after some brave souls.

Pear & Potato is a totally new service. Despite my passion, excitement and desire to create a brilliant service, I'm sure there will be teething problems. Crinkles to iron out. To allay my fears about this, I am eager to have a little testing time.

I am looking for 10 households to receive four weekly deliveries of the 'Medium Fruit & Vegetable box' in May. In return for a reduced cost, I am looking for kind, honest and patient feedback.

It takes a brave soul to tell your friend that, yes, actually your bum does look big in that dress. And even braver to tell a stranger to their face. So whether you know me or not, I will be depending on and grateful for your honest thoughts.

Also Pear & Potato is local, so I'm only after households in the SS0, SS1, SS2 and SS9 area.

So if you're brave, use fruit & vegetables, maybe have even used a vegetable box service before, and live locally to Pear & Potato HQ, I would love love to welcome you as one of my May Test Pilots and for you to join the start of this adventure into fruit and vegetables. You won't look back. Please sign up here Thank you!

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