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Vegan Mac n Cheese

Next week our feature recipe card will be the much requested 💚VEGAN MAC N CHEESE💚

If I had asked my husband 5 years ago if he'd eat a vegan meal, he would laughed and dialled Dominos. But now, having made lots of little changes and swaps over time to move towards a more plant based diet we actually look forward to this kinda grub together. We're not a vegan household. But we are on the path and moving in a healthy direction. We salute the people living a fully vegan lifestyle and maybe we'll get there one day, but for now, we're making little swaps that often work and often stick.

And for us, the big change up was when we started getting a weekly Veg Bo delivered. It was EXCITING but INTIMIDATING because it's difficult to ignore fruit & veg when your five a day are sitting there in your kitchen. Looking at you. Waiting for action. And if like me, you hate waste, you will plan and google and experiment to make sure as much of that good stuff lands in your belly rather than food waste.

Fancy the challenge? If you're not entirely convinced enough to join a monthly subscription, why not try our four week introductory offer? Just pop NOVEMBERBOX10 in the promocode box for £10 off a four week introduction.

We'd love to welcome you to Pear&Potato

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