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We're going nuts!

Beautiful chestnuts! We are popping them in our boxes this week - with roasting instructions! From the tree of the same name and not to be confused with Horse Chestnuts - or conkers - which are toxic to eat! Sweet chestnuts are an unrelated species. They have much spikier husks, the nut itself has a pointed tassle on the end and is much duller than the super shiny conker. Popular around the world, the starchy composition of the nut even earns the trees the name 'bread trees' in Italy. Candied chestnuts or 'marron glaces' are a high end delicacy in France and sweet chestnuts, often pureed, are consumed more per head in the US than anywhere else. The trees were introduced to the UK by the Romans and live up to 300 years, so keep a look out and you could forage your own here in Essex!

If you're not yet a subscriber to our gorgeous low impact, low plastic fruit and vegetable boxes, we'd love you to join us! check out our weekly boxes page to sign up, or check out our shop to try out a four week introductory offer.

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